Residential Property Investment – London and surrounding areas

Residential Property Investment – London and surrounding areas

The case study

This case study relates to the approach of a long standing, existing client looking for assistance in the London real estate investment sector. The criteria was the acquisition of property in London which could return yields of no less than 5%.

How Animo helped

After discussing this with the client and making calls with contacts that Animo has established within this sector over the years, it was clear the percentage of yield required by the client would prove difficult with the properties available for sale in central London, along with current market trends.

It was therefore decided to look at available investment outside London including those in Essex, Kent and Sussex. It was acknowledged that yields are possible on properties in these counties of 7-8% although sale values on properties are of course lower. It is also less competitive than central London making the sale acquisition easier.

The client was happy with this alternative and we are now moving forward, with the assistance of our contacts, to find suitable properties for client acquisition.

Through our contacts we are also in a position to introduce the clients to finance opportunities if the need presents itself.