Our Mauritian office provides Animo with a superb avenue to a pool of new opportunities, with fantastic accessibility to both African and Asian markets, as well as links to clients worldwide.

About Animo Mauritius

The foundation of our operations in Mauritius is ‘service and competitiveness’. We strive to ensure that all of our clients, whether they be international conglomerates or small independent companies, receive outstanding service every time. Our staff has a large pool of expert knowledge on a broad range of specialties and always welcome the opportunity to assist and advise clients on their best approach to solving any and all business issues they may be facing.

Our Mauritian offices are incorporated within Mauritius and licenced by the Financial Services Commission as an independent service provider helping organisations and individuals to set up and administer global business structures such as GBC and AC companies including Trust, Fund and Domestic companies amongst others in Mauritius.

Why Mauritius?

Mauritius is an emerging jurisdiction which is gaining high momentum as a platform for business and family affairs in view of the multiple benefits offered

  • Gateway/Capital of Africa
  • OECD/EU Approved
  • Tax Incentives ( 0%-3%-15%)
  • No.1 in Africa for Ease of Doing Business
  • No.13 in the World for Ease of Doing Business
  • No Withholding Tax on Dividend, Interest and Royalties paid
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No Estate Duty, Inheritance Tax
  • No Foreign Exchange Control
  • 46+ Tax Treaties
  • Bi-Lingual Skilled Labour Force
  • No. 1 In Africa for Good Governance
  • Strategic Location – GMT+4
  • Political Stability
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Banking Solutions Available
  • Member of SADC, COMESA, etc

Brochure – Why Mauritius
Brochure – Retire in Mauritius


  • Corporate
  • Trust
  • Fund
  • Foundation
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Investment Adviser
  • Investment Dealer
  • PCC
  • Closed Ended Fund (CEF)
  • CIS
  • Single/Multiple Family Office
  • Freeport
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Live and Work in Mauritius
  • Bookkeeping/Accountancy services
  • Payroll

For more information please download the Animo Associates Mauritius Brochure brochure.

Meet the Team

Our Location

Animo Associates Mauritius

Suite 4B,
Fourth Floor,
Ebene Mews,
57 Cybercity,
Ebene 72201,

Switchboard: +230 489 9090
Direct Line: +230 489 9097
Mobile: +230 579 00906

Contact: Lovy Bundhoo

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