Why does your small business need a website?

Why does your small business need a website?

A website is one of the best assets you can acquire – whether you are an online business or not.

With the continued rise of the internet, its influence on how we live and work, and its determination to keep rising, it is more important than ever to ensure you have a professional web presence that accurately represents your business.

In the last year, through the pandemic, many businesses have seen and experienced just how vital it is to have a web presence to ensure your business – whether big or small, kept up and running amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. For classic brick and mortar storefronts, having a website acts as a great contingency plan when unforeseen circumstances, such as the pandemic, arise. It allows your customers to find and interact with you, even when physical barriers may otherwise prevent this. So, whilst your storefront may be temporarily closed, the power of the internet allows your website, and therefore your business, to always be open.

In the insight below, we explore some of the top reasons to set up a professional website for your business.

Websites establish business credibility.

The first thing many people will do nowadays when hearing about or seeing a new business is look it up online. Your small business’s website acts as an official public presence, legitimising your business and allowing you to share more about your business and its offerings to customers worldwide.

Your online space allows you to share more about the story of your business, showcase your team members, detail your mission statement, and emphasise your value proposition. The more you can divulge about your company, the more trust you will instil in your customers, both existing and potential, thus building solid impressions and reputation amongst communities in your industry.

Your web presence can also set a precedent and standard for your business reputation; by presenting the best version of yourself online and having professional templates and copy, you can help improve the look and feel of your business.

Having a web presence can improve your business’s visibility.

9 out of 10 consumers have stated that they use the internet to look for local goods or services. Having an online presence, your customers and others in your industry can find and interact with your business much easier than if they were restricted to physical referrals only.

Furthermore, implementing simple search engine optimisation strategies, such as using relevant keywords and copy content throughout your website, will allow anyone searching for appropriate services and offers words – not just directly your business, to find you, thus gaining you potential new customers effectively growing your business.

You can gather more information about your customers.

Your business may get lots of traffic, with hundreds of people looking to acquire your services. Having a website with built-in analytics lets you quickly learn about what kind of visitors your website gets, allowing you to tailor your offerings more appropriately and enhance their experience.

With the analytics installed on your website, you will also see which pages and content your consumers spend the most time looking at and which pages they spend the least time on (i.e., the bounce rate). This allows you to identify the weaker areas in your business and improve your overall image accordingly.

On top of this, by collecting data from your consumer, you can generate leads which can help grow your customer base and maximise your earnings. For example – you may have customers sign up to a mailing list, allowing you to collate a large customer base. From here, you can send free newsletters and rewards – such as discount codes, to improve customers’ overall experience of using your business. This can help improve customer retention and word of mouth referrals, maximising and maintaining a loyal consumer base.

It allows you to have additional resources.

When securing your website, you will purchase a domain. This domain will allow you to create additional digital resources for your business, such as email addresses.

A 2015 Verisign survey showed that 65% of consumers regarded a company-branded email address as more credible than a generic one. Having a company-branded email allows your business to expand its communications by implementing effective strategies such as automated email marketing, which are more effective when coming from an established presence, giving you less of a chance that your communications will be bounced out of your customers’ mailboxes, and instead of an increased opportunity of genuine engagement.

It allows you to reach new audiences.

During COVID-19, it became increasingly evident for many businesses that in order to ensure continued success, it was critical for many smaller retailers to generate online e-commerce sites so that customers were able to continue to buy from them, even when they had to shut down to follow government guidelines. The businesses that took the initiative to create an online presence were able to reach new and existing customers and continue trading throughout the pandemic.

Through the pandemic, we were able to experience just how much having an online presence can be beneficial for your business, and allowed us to have an increased understanding of just how much consumers have become accustomed to accessing products and services online – emphasising the critical nature of having a web presence.

How can Animo help?

Here at Animo, we are big believers in a strong web presence! With a fantastic in-house team, we can help you build bespoke websites that specifically cater to your business’s needs. To find out more about how our consultants can effectively support your business, get in contact with us today by calling +44(0)207 060 0835, emailing us at info@animoassociates.com, or filling out a contact form below.

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