Animo Spreads Smiles with NHS Donations

Animo Spreads Smiles with NHS Donations

Animo Associates continually strives to positively impact our local communities as much as we can and we are always looking to support those in need. Recently we were made aware of Thurloe Hogdson, a local Essex resident who, since the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, has been supporting communities by collecting and donating various items to frontline key workers and others heavily impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.  Thurloe and two other acquaintances collectively support each other and their local communities in raising the donations and delivering them to community hubs, such as Hospitals, Food Banks, and women’s refuge centres.

Learning about Thurloe’s heroic efforts provided us with a fantastic opportunity to support local communities. We partnered with Vinny and donated 50 of their Premium Snack Boxes to Thurloe’s weekly collection.

A little bit about Vinny’s

Vinny was formed with a vision to provide others with healthy, vegan-friendly artisan snacks through easy and accessible delivery options such as; their letterbox snack boxes, or their handy vending machines. Through the development of their inspiring snack empire expansion they strive to make a real positive impact on the world, swapping old bad habits for healthier, tastier ones – bite by bite! Their artisan snacks are fantastic options for the medic staff that Thurloe supports. Vinny’s plant-based snacks provide quick and easy to grab options fuelling nurses and other medic staff with clean and sustainable energy through their busy periods when they need a boost the most.

A bit more about Thurloe’s NHS Support

Seeing the disruption caused by the initial outbreak of COVID-19 back in March 2020, Thurloe took it upon herself to raise community spirits and support those going through the rapid tumultuous changes, in any way she could. Using community groups on Facebook, Thurloe quickly started to build a strong foundation of connections in her local area, also looking to support key workers. Every week she builds up a collection of donations, from PPE to on-the-go snacks and even drawings from local school children, which she delivers to community hubs. Focussing primarily on her local hospitals, Thurloe uses her advantageous location, Billericay/Stock, to extend her reach to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Queens Hospital in Romford, and Basildon Hospital. Here she does weekly drops to various departments including, of course, COVID Wards to support medic staff and key workers during this busy time!

How you can help!

Thurloe’s donations are usually collected through word-of-mouth referrals. If you would like to contribute to the cause, please fill in a contact form below and we will try to arrange a connection.

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