Why should your business outsource services to Mauritius?

Why should your business outsource services to Mauritius?

Outsourcing has become an industry standard across many services, elevating the stresses on key members within organisations and ensuring that business operations across the board are compliant with industry standards. Mauritius has already established itself as a leading International Financial Centre and now it is also developing itself as a preferred destination for the outsourcing of many business services. In this insight, we will explore some of the key advantages Mauritius offers.

A bilingual workforce

Mauritius boasts many advantages through their solidified business sector. Their highly qualified and bilingual labour force continually proves attractive to a range of international business centres. Both English and French are generally regarded as the official languages of Mauritius and many skilled professionals are often proficient in both. With French being either the main or primary second language in over 20 African countries, this proves as an auspicious advantage for those looking to conduct business in and around the continent, and Western organisations are able to benefit from the opposing English fluency.

Competitive operating costs

Whilst many of Mauritius’s workforce are well educated, often with qualifications from international universities, staffing and operating costs are relatively low considering the skills and experience offered by the workforce. This offers gainful advantages to international businesses who are looking to see cost-effective service alternatives.

Convenient Location

Often referred to as ‘the gateway to Africa’ or ‘Capital of Africa’ Mauritius acts as the main financial hub for the majority of both African and Asian Countries. This is due its favourable time zone (GMT+4) which allows effortless communications with Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Politically, economically and technologically friendly

Mauritius is the top-ranking country in Africa for ease of doing business. This is due to their first-class financial regulation which is based on international standards regarding legal frameworks and supervision. In addition to this, they have an attractive tax regime – which includes a corporate tax rate of 15%, a personal income tax rate of 15%, no tax on dividends or capital gains and an abundance of double taxation treaties (over 35 internationally). Combining this with their high-speed digital network infrastructure, Mauritius presents itself as a popular destination for many international businesses and asset managers for outsourcing services.

How can Animo Help?

Animo is exceptionally fortunate to have roots in the African Miracle economy through our resident expert consultants based in the South of Port Louis – Mauritius’s capital city. We are able to support new and existing clients with a range of services from Accounting, Auditing and Bookkeeping support to Fiduciary and other back offer services, and many more. Our Mauritian team welcome all new opportunities to support local and international companies, using their ideal location to their advantage. To find out more about how you may be able to optimise your operations by outsourcing business services to Mauritius, get in contact with our team today by calling us on +230 489 9090, emailing us at info@animoassoicates.com, or filling in a contact form below!

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