Introducing Animo Associates Mauritius – The Idyllic Gateway

Introducing Animo Associates Mauritius – The Idyllic Gateway

Our Mauritian office provides Animo with a superb avenue to a pool of new opportunities, with fantastic accessibility to both African and Asian markets, as well as links to clients worldwide.

Ranking 13th in ‘Ease of doing business’ worldwide by the world bank and 1st in Africa, Mauritius continuously proves itself as more than just a peaceful paradise. The Mauritius offices prides itself in sharing in the Animo belief of ‘supporting companies big and small’, and works to show an inclusive front when offering their services to prospective clients.

You do what you do best; we will take care of the rest

The foundation of our operations in Mauritius is ‘service and competitiveness’. We strive to ensure that all of our clients, whether they be international conglomerates or small independent companies, receive outstanding service every time.

We provide an exceptional range of services to our clients, to help tackle a variety of issues. The main focal points for our Mauritian operations are:

Furthermore, our Mauritius office can offer our clients an additional range of services which can support you further, such as:

  • Fund Administration
  • Provision of Back Office Services
  • Structuring and Merger & Acquisition
  • Treasury Management

Our clients operate over a wide spread of industries, but there is no end to our reach. Our consultants possess skillsets and experience ranging across such a broad scope, so no matter what issue you may be facing, our associates at Animo are confident that we will be able to assist you.

Meet the executives….

Our staff have a large pool of expert knowledge on a broad range of specialities which allows Animo Associates Limited to feel confident when directing our clients towards the expertise of our Mauritian consultants, and when considering Animo’s competitive edge.

Location, Location, Location

Often known as ‘the gateway or capital of Africa’ Mauritius acts as the main financial hub for the majority of both African and Asian countries. This jurisdiction is approved by the EU and white-listed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) allowing ease of business. And with a skilled and bi-lingual (English & French) pool of qualified lawyers, accountants, and other professionals are at your disposal, it proves a fantastic location for operations.

Our Animo Associates Mauritius offices are based south of the capital Port Louis, in the suburb Ebene, the information technology hub of Mauritius. This allows us accessible links to the country’s capital as well as direct roots in the information centre and convenience to other major African and Asian markets, providing Animo with endless clientele opportunities.

There are some fantastic advantages to setting up or doing business in Mauritius, such as;

  • The favourable taxation system to encourage the formation of both local and foreign companies: some of the key benefits being refundable 15% VAT, no taxing on dividends and no inheritance tax.
  • An economy of Free Trade, resulting in sustained and efficient economic management. The spearhead of these facilities, the Board of Investment, takes its advisory role very seriously, dealing rapidly with dossiers and makes it possible for economic activity to start in three days!
  • An abundance of double tax treaties; being a member of COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa), SADC (Southern African Development Community) and the IOC (Indian Ocean Commission), Mauritius has signed over 35 double-taxation avoidance agreements, facilitating the movement of capital and transfer of assets.

These, along with many others, prove to clients why indeed Mauritius is a key location to consider when re-evaluating the location of business operations and consultancies.

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To find out more on how our Mauritius office can help you with your business needs, get in contact today either via our contact form below, by calling us on +230 489 9090 or emailing us at:

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