Introducing Animo Associates Ireland – The Emerald Isle of Europe

Introducing Animo Associates Ireland – The Emerald Isle of Europe

Animo Associates is pleased to present one of our prevalent European Office locations. Being one of the most open and connected countries in the world, Ireland acts as a fantastic gateway to global markets. With the added advantage of being located in the countries capital Dublin, our Irish offices prove to be a superb asset to Animo Associates.

You do what you do best; we will take care of the rest

Our Dublin office offers a plethora of services to our clients, including:

As well as these they also provide an extended range of additional services concerning the preparation of a new Irish office, such as:

  • Assistance with Imports and Exports
  • Help with acquiring rental or investment properties in Ireland
  • Notarisation, Legalisation, Apostille of Documents
  • Office Rental Support
  • Power of Attorney
  • Property and Facility Management
  • Provision of back-office services
  • Registration with local authorities and employee recruitment.
  • Trading Encouragement

Our consultants work closely with you during the formation or transformation of your business operations, developing bespoke plans tailored to your exact business needs, with expert insights and advice to ensure long-term success.

Meet the executive….

Andy Shepherd takes the lead at our Dublin operations. Since joining Animo, he has brought on board an invaluable network of contacts, especially within the fields of accountancy, law and taxation. He holds a (BA) Business Management degree which has provided him with comprehensive knowledge that he is able to pass onto our clients. He has a proven track record in Business and Finance and proves as an excellent resource to the international Animo Associates team.

With solitary management of our Irish offices, Andy is fortunate to lead a tremendous team. With experience over a vast sea of industries, our associates have developed a range of strategies and solutions that they can take to prospective clients, no matter what issue they may be facing.

Location, Location, Location

Residing in the country’s capital, Dublin, just shy of the idyllic River Liffey, our Irish offices provide Animo Associates with strong roots in a growing global hub. Dublin is already a home to world-class companies and research centres, which gives businesses who are looking to relocate to Dublin, the advantage of easy access to quality resources which can help quickly and effectively grow their businesses.

Businesses with operations based in Ireland have the fortunate advantage to barrier-free access to the EU’s 28 member countries, and it’s four freedoms – free movement of goods, capital, services and people. And, being the only other native English-speaking country within Europe, with a pro-business environment, means that in recent times, Ireland has attracted a considerable level of foreign direct investment from the US. Furthermore, as its one of six countries world-wide offering pre-clearance, there are easily accessible travel links available to clients who need or want to travel to the US, for both business and personal reasons. This is advantageous to our clients who are looking to expand within the major global business capitals, as Dublin provides an opportunity for effortless business transactions to the US and the EU.

On top of these advantages, Dublin also provides an added competitive edge for doing business through its attractive tax regime. With one of the lowest corporation tax rates at 12.5%, an effective zero tax rate for foreign dividends, and over 70 double taxation agreements (DTA) many multi-national corporations opt for Ireland for their business operations.

Contact us

With a seemingly endless wealth of resources and advantages, Ireland proves itself as a fantastic place to do business. Get in touch with our Dublin offices today, via our contact form below, by calling us on +353 (0) 1663 9646 or by sending an email to, to find out how they can help you with your most pressing business issues.

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