Introducing Animo Associates Cyprus – The Jewel of the Mediterranean

Introducing Animo Associates Cyprus – The Jewel of the Mediterranean

A global shipping power, with a thriving real estate market and a substantial tourism industry, Cyprus is an excellent location for both international and domestic businesses. Not only is it the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, with gorgeous views, but the Cypriot Governance has also put in place many business-friendly programs and incentives, making Cyprus a very attractive business hub for all of our clients, both prospective and current.

You do what you do best; we will take care of the rest

Our Cypriot offices are parallel to our other offices and offer an array of beneficial services to our clients. Their main focal points include;

As well as these, we are also pleased to be able to offer additional services such as:

  • Wealth management
  • Real estate consulting & management
  • Setting up a local office
  • Investment consulting
  • Other all-encompassing consultancy services

Our consultants work closely with your company to ensure that all the services that we offer you are tailored to your exact business needs, guaranteeing effective business formations or transformations. From their varied experience, they have accumulated fantastic experiences and skills, allowing us to feel confident when advising clients on a range of issues.

We are also proud to announce that our Cypriot offices operate under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines, after being awarded a license in 2015. CySec is an independent public supervisory authority, responsible for the supervision of the investment services market, transactions in transferable securities carried out in the Republic of Cyprus and the collective investment and asset management sector. Their mission is to exercise adequate supervision ensuring investor protection and the healthy development of the securities market, and Animo is pleased to work collaboratively with them and ensure our clients of the quality of service that we provide.

Meet the executive…

Jolanta from Animo Associates CyprusJolanta joined our team in 2008 and has been at the forefront of our substantial global growth. With over 10  years of experience spread across a variety of industries and a degree from the University of Vilnius, Jolanta posses a unique skill set which has proven undeniably advantageous to Animo. She is well seasoned in the Corporate Services World and has a demonstrated history of working in the accountancy industry with her primary skills, including negotiation, sales, management and corporate finance. Having a professional experience form several global business hubs, such as the USA, Scotland, Iceland and Lithuania, provided Jolanta with key insights on how to operate in an international business world.

Having solo leadership of our Cypriot operations, Jolanta is very fortunate to lead a competent and proficient team, who are very happy and able to assist all clients, both current and prospective, on a range of subjects, no matter what industry they currently operate in.

Location, Location, Location

With a business-friendly environment and low corporate tax, Cyprus continually proves itself as more than a summer holiday destination. Ranking 54th in ease of doing business by the World Bank (and in the top 50 of ease of starting a business), the Cypriot government boasts many initiatives that have improved its professional climate. These include; establishing an attractive non-domiciled status for foreign investors which opens the country up to more investment opportunities and providing tax credits for fund managers, as well as tax exemptions on dividend income, profits from permanent overseas establishments, sale of securities and international transactions. Cyprus also ensures that profits less than 17,088 Euros are not subjected to capital gains tax, and resident businesses only pay their corporate tax at 12.5%, further creating a favourable business climate. They also effectively utilise their EU membership by allowing EU citizens to set-up a business without requiring a local partner. Companies can be incorporated in as little as 15 days, and with their low corporate tax; 12.5%, one of the lowest in the EU, it is a prime location for business formation.

Cyprus has the additional advantage of being located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, allowing optimal networking, trading and business operations. Animo Cyprus is located in Nicosia, the capital, giving us a prime local location. Being a part of the European Union this allows effortless visa-free travel and free movement of goods across the continent. And with double tax treaties with over 60 countries, Cyprus shapes up to be a fantastic facilitator of imports and exports and business hub.

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To find out more on how our Cypriot operations can support you with any pressing business matters, get in contact with our team today via the contact form below, by giving us a call on +357 (0) 2267 8369 or emailing us on, where our proactive team will be happy to either pass your query to the most relevant colleague to start assisting you.

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